Nouvel épisode avec Dean Mickoski


    5 août 2023 - 1 h

    Nouvel épisode avec Dean Mickoski

    Dean Mickoski is a multi-talented music producer, DJ, and entertainer located in New York City. Hailing from Macedonia, Dean is hellbent on creating unique beats and captivating compositions. His musical expertise encompasses all house genres and, more specifically, deep house and tech-house, and his ambitious, irresistible productions are on their way to making him a nightclub mainstay.

    This week's episode is hosted by DEAN MICKOSKI, including his latest releases Babalu Aye along Da Le (Havana) & Aleraya with Capri as part of upcoming release REDOLENT TRIBES VOL. 3 (Curated by DJ Chus) on Redolent! 

    01.  Dean Mickoski, Da Le (Havana) - Babalu Aye  Redolent 

    02.  Monkey Safari - Ceremony 

    03.  La Santa - Bombo  Redolent 

    04.  Massh - Ntala 

    05.  Liva K - Truth Hurts 

    06.  El Deep - Align 

    07.  Davide Ruberto, Rockin Moroccin -  Bayati Shiraz (Playa Mix)

    08.  RY X - Borderline (Carlita Remix)

    09.  Dean Mickoski, Capri - Alereya  Redolent

    10.  Callusa – Java

    11.  Dj Chus, Dean Mickoski – Panamera

    12.  Mike Ivy, G Gatz & Frank Lamboy - African Jewel (Extended Mix)