Nouvel épisode avec Natema


    21 janvier 2024 - 1 h

    Nouvel épisode avec Natema

    Enjoy this week’s episode with Brazilian Dj & Producer NATEMA. Tetto Bononi, better known as NATEMA, is a renowned Brazilian producer, musician, and DJ, recognized as one of the pioneers of the Afro House movement in Brazil. His innovative approach and bold style celebrate the classics of Afro-Brazilian culture through a unique blend of ethnic sounds, percussive rhythms, and beats, earning him a solid fan base worldwide.
Since 2019, Natema has placed over 25 songs in the top 100 of Afro House, totaling an incredible 915 days among the best-sellers. His releases frequently achieve prominence in the Afro House category, currently holding the 31st position in the genre's sales ranking in the last year.
    Notable reworks and remixes such as "A Gira," "Music is My Sanity," "Voices," and "VoImbora" (featuring As Ganhadeiras de Itapuã) have become integral parts of renowned electronic music artists' repertoire, including names like Carl Cox, Themba, Gorgon City, Blond:ish, Vintage Culture, DJ Chus, Hannah Wants, and Stephan Jolk. These collaborations have established Natema as one of the leading exponents of Brazilian Afro House.
    His album "Afro House Made in Brasil 2021" was acclaimed by the Afro House community and currently holds the top position on the genre's album list on Spotify.
With a career spanning more than a decade in the electronic music scene, Natema has performed in major clubs and festivals around the world, from São Paulo to Moscow, passing through Paris and Mexico City.
    In addition to his musical success, Natema is also a co-founder of TRANSA RECORDS, a rising independent record label that aims to nurture talents and stay in tune with industry trends. In just 4 years, TRANSA has already released 450 works and has established itself as a reference in Latin American electronic music.

    Enjoy this Groovy Afro Journey with NATEMA including DJ Chus - Soultana & ⁠La Santa - Bombo on Redolent!

    01.⁠ ⁠Natema - Lose All Control Feat Aline Lime

    02.⁠ ⁠Band&dos - Metaverso

    03.⁠ ⁠Daniel Rateuke - Flukosa

    04.⁠ ⁠Dean Mickoski, Capri - Aleraya [Redolent Music]

    05.⁠ ⁠The Angles - Chama Cha Trumpeta (Natema Remix)

    06.⁠ ⁠Band&dos, Aaron Sevilla Ft Toshi - Sobe

    07.⁠ ⁠Sugar Hill - Empire feat Laura Rogalli (Natema Remix)

    08.⁠ ⁠DJ Chus - Soultana [Redolent Music]

    09.⁠ ⁠Sugar Hill, Natema - Make him love

    10.⁠ ⁠Woo Doo - Membranophone

    11.⁠ ⁠Natema - Oh Nana - (The Angels Remix)

    12.⁠ ⁠Natema - The Message

    13.⁠ ⁠La Santa - Bombo [Redolent]

    14.⁠ ⁠Natema , Kreisler and Beka Episcopo - Lerê